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  1. Hello, some more pictures from our exhibition design. Thank you Massimo and Walter to come in Ljubljana! Regards, Bojan
  2. Hello, exhibition "Paths of Samurai" starts at 30. th of May 2017. National museum of Slovenia, Ljubljana, Metelkova street. Public opening at 31.th of May. Happy to meet you in Ljubljana. Big thank's to Mr. Massimo. PATHS OF THE SAMURAI. Japanese arms and martial culture in Slovenia The figure of the Japanese warrior the samurai his weapons, combat skills, and worldview have excited our imagination for at least a century and a half since the land of the rising sun opened itself to the rest of the world after a long period of isolation. The samurais arms as well as his ethos and worldview have become a unique bridge between the Japanese culture and the West. It's hardly a coincidence that Slovenes also are fascinated by the masterly crafted blades, sublime philosophy, art, and martial arts of ancient Japan. However, we are often not aware how profound these contacts are. This is the reason that, with the support of the Japan Embassy in the Republic of Slovenia, the Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, and the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, the National Museum of Slovenia is preparing its first comprehensive exhibition of about 50 selected items of Japanese weapons and armour from the museum's as well as several private collections in order to portray the warriors that once used them, the world they lived in, and the paths by which the legacy of the samurai reached the Slovenes.
  3. From Massimo last visit and work in Ljubljana National museum, public article is only in Slovenian langue: http://www.nms.si/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=2366%3Apriprave-na-razstavo-v-polnem-teku&catid=45%3Aza-novinarje&Itemid=121&lang=sl Regards, Bojan
  4. Thank you Massimo for inspected my swords in hand, it is always big plesure and honour to leearn and work with you in Slovenia. Regards, Bojan
  5. No problem, it will be also glad to me.
  6. No problem, will be also glad to me.
  7. Thanx Manuel, very interesting information. Must be inspected in hand..Bojan S.
  8. Agree with you that probably is not Koto made, and that is worthy to be studiyed more in details..Best regards, Bojan S.
  9. Pozdravljen Walter, tudi moji predniki so živeli v Trstu pred vojno, v vasi Contavello/Kontavelj. Upam, da se kdaj vidimo, ko smo si tako blizu. Moja zbirka japonskih stvari ni tako velika. Imam dve katani, najstarejša Chyirozuru je iz konca 14. stoletja in ima NBTHK Tokubetsu papir, ta na forumu je predvidevam iz Shinto obdobja. V zbirki imam še en popoln oklep ter čelado z masko in nekaj Tsub. Lep pozdrav iz deževne Ljubljane.
  10. Hello Mr. Massimo, I am fine thank you. Hope to see you once again..please, let me know if you come to Triste.. Regards, Bojan S.
  11. Hello Manuel, I don't see an utsuri on this blade.. Bojan
  12. Hello mr. Massimo, yes that is the sword which you saw in Ljubljana. But time was running out for detail Kantei for this one..Hope you have time some day to do Kantei..It will be big honer for me. Regards, Bojan
  13. About hataraki I see some long chikei line near habaki on both sides (on the picture), Uchinoke on boshi, Ko nie, Ashi..One tobi jaki circle in ji. Some hamon hill tops are open and spred nie to ji, like vulcano..I cant't make better pictures at home.. Ciao Walter, Manuel a hope to see you someday, as we are almost neighbours, I am from Ljubljana city..nice to meet you here. Bojan
  14. I try my best to make good details. Ciao Walter, midva lahko govoriva slovensko..lepo:-) I'm from Ljubljana it is only 101 km to Triste..
  15. Hello, pictures are not very good, but mybe put some more view to hataraki and boshi.. Bojan
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