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Nihon no Bi: Nihonto (The Japanese Sword)

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Vi riporto l'uscita a breve di questo libro, sperando possa essere interessante:


Nihon no Bi: Nihonto (The Japanese Sword)Out September 28th 2015.


The forthcoming book from Gakken publishing. A rare combination of sword eye candy and lots of information. The book includes many National Treasure and Juyo-Bunkazai swords all reproduced in the full size.


There is a also a selection of top fittings and koshirae, with many magnified shots that really let you see the fine craftsmanship. Best of all, it is mostly translated into English (by Paul Martin of The Japanese Sword )


Price 6,372 JPY available for pre-order from certain outlets includingAmazon Japan

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Qualità prezzo potrebbe essere davvero una bella raccolta!


Ecco quanto aggiunge Paul Martin:


A little taster from the forthcoming book, Nihonto no Bi: Nihonto (The Japanese Sword). This is one of the promotional posters. The book has many pullout pages like this one.

Apparently it will be available from here: http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/NEOBK-1829538


paul martin.jpg


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