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”JAPANESE SWORDS: A journey into the art”

This book is a photografic journey into the magnificent World of the Japanese Sword.

It starts from ancient times and it develops through the different schools and tendency until present time; today we have great masters which are comparable with those of the ancient times and they still carry on the works and the teachings.

Obviously, as always, the history of the country is not so far from its artistic expression and so a short treat of this history comes with the presentation even with biografics news and sometimes even with courious and personal details of everyday life.


The book is written bilingual, italian and english, has dimensions of  cm 23,5 x 33,5

Open format: cm 47 x 33,5 ,  296 pages , 6 folded pages openable in 4 faces and rigid cover with glossy plastified paper.

€ 82,00 cover price

Shipping to Europe with ordinary mail service (14-21 days) € 29,00

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Massimo Rossi
Segretario I.N.T.K

Preview of the book:


Katana shinogi zukuri, Mumei (att. NBTHK Kinju – Juyo Tōken), Nanbokuchō jidai

_MG_0090 _MG_0102

Wakizashi shinogi zukuri, Mutsu (no) Daijo Fujiwara Tadayoshi, Shinto Manji (1660)

_MG_0103 _MG_0104

Katana shinogi zukuri, Koyama Munetsugu, ShinShinto (1842)


Wakizashi Hirazukuri, Kokaji Yoshindo Tsukuru Kore, Gendaitō Heisei (2005)