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  1. Fidelko

    Welcome !

    Iam happy that you liked it
  2. nagasa 70.1cm, sori 2.4cm, motohaba 2.9cm, 2,0cm, kassane 7mm itame hada, hamon ito-suguha, ucuri
  3. A new sword (original Nihonto from Muromachi period, Yamato-den):
  4. That is great.... our president is very interested in that section. We would like to make our trip to Italy as much effective as it can be... We would like to see the museum and of course to meet and cooperate with your members and representatives. It is also a case of planning, when and how we are going to visit your country. I think it will be somewhere in the second quarter of the year. It depens on our other activities and of course on your 2008 activity plan.
  5. I think that it is caused by the camera settings but Iam not sure... Btw- our Token president said, that we are going to make a plan for a trip to Italy next year He is interested in the japanese section of the Bargello Museum and of course interested in members of Itaria Nihont Token Kyokai So i would like to know if that japenese section with Yoshihara sword is permanent all the time over the year, or it is somehow limited ?? Arigato gozaimas
  6. No, this blade is from modern folded steel, not from oroshigane.
  7. And here are some pictures about his works (in Osaka and Czech republic).
  8. Here is the video report about that polisher Viktor Sanjuro Hasuhana: It begins at 20:00 so you can move it (there are other reports about different topics). In 2002 he was awarded by NBTHK by certificate of the highest mastershi .
  9. No problem at all. I can handle it like this. Blades will be posted here, specific threads will be posted in a new topic. But i dont think that there will be more than 2 or 3 different lines of discussion.
  10. I can try.... but i dont know what should be its purpose... I like to have all the info at the same place together... And of course iam not able to predict what kind of information Iam going to post next time... But if you wish, I can do it your way.
  11. Or it is better to say.. make new blades from the damaged ones...
  12. It is called "Satsumaage" which means restoring damaged blades....

Chi è I.N.T.K.

La I.N.T.K. – Itaria Nihon Tōken Kyōkai (Associazione italiana per la Spada Giapponese) è stata fondata a Bologna nel 1990 con lo scopo di diffondere lo studio della Tōken e salvaguardarne il millenario patrimonio artistico-culturale, collaborando con i maggiori Musei d’Arte Orientale ed il collezionismo privato. La I.N.T.K. è accreditata presso l’Ambasciata Giapponese di Roma, il Consolato Generale del Giappone di Milano, la Japan Foundation in Roma, la N.B.T.H.K. di Tōkyō. Seminari, conferenze, visite guidate a musei e mostre, viaggi di studio in Europa e Giappone, consulenze, pubblicazioni, il bollettino trimestrale inviato gratuitamente ai Soci, sono le principali attività della I.N.T.K., apolitica e senza scopo di lucro.

Come associarsi ad I.N.T.K.:

Potete trovare QUI tutte le informazioni per associarsi ad I.N.T.K..
Associandovi ad I.N.T.K. accettate in maniera esplicita il Codice Etico e lo statuto dell'associazione ed avrete accesso ad una serie di benefici:
- Accesso alle aree riservate ai soci del sito e del forum;
- Possibilità di partecipare agli eventi patrocinati dall'associazione (ritrovi, viaggi, kansho, ecc...);
- Riceverete il bollettino trimestrale dell'Associazione.

"Una singola freccia si rompe facilmente, ma non dieci frecce tenute assieme."

(proverbio popolare giapponese)

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